Nebraska Paint Horse Club

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State Points & Yearend Awards

22 Judges will count toward State Points for the 2019 Show Season for All Exhibitors.

There will be 18 Judges counted from NPHC shows, and 4 Judges counted from the KPHA show in October.

To qualify for 2018 year end awards each Exhibitor will have to Show to a minimum of 13 judges.

Volunteer Points Rules

* A membership must meet a minimum volunteer requirement of 200 points.

* Each membership is considered equal for total points required for year end awards.

* It does not matter how many people are on your membership.

* Members are asked to sign up in advance of shows for the duty of their choice.

* If a members signs up for a duty and does not perform the duty, the points for the duty will be       

deducted from the member's total volunteer time.

* A sign up sheet will be available at the show office for each show.

* Each Volunteer Point is = $1

* You may purchase your points or find a sponsor to cover the cost of your points. 

* Members may donate points to other members, but only enough points to meet the minimum requirement of 200 points. 

Volunteer Hours Earned (points through September - not final)

2019 State Points 


Minimum points needed to meet volunteer requirements 200

Activitity Points

Manage APRIL show only (2 people/2 days)                         300

Manage a Show (2 people/2 days)                                             200

Move In Day (locate stalls for exhibitors)                                 75

Gate - Halter                                                                                      50 

Scribe - Showmanship                                                                     50

Gate - Showmanship                                                                       50 

Scribe - English Eq.                                                                          25

Gate - English                                                                                    50 

Scribe - Horsemanship                                                                   25

Gate - Western Pleasure/Horsemanship                                   50 

Scribe - Riding/Ranch/Reining                                                  50

Gate - Western Riding, Reining, Games                                   50 

Trail - Bring trailer & equipment to each show & haul home        

+ store during show season                                                   40 per show                                                                                                         200 for season 

Trail - Haul trailer in/out of arena                                            50 

Trail - Set Up (limit of 6 people per day)                                 25 

Trail - Adjust during classes                                                        50 

Trail - Take Down (limit of 4 people per day)                       10 

Trail - Scribe                                                                                    50 

Reining, Western Riding, Ranch - Set Up                              50 

Games - Set Up 50 Office Help (per hour)                             20

Tabulate State Points for year end awards (entire year)      200

Verify State Points for year end awards (entire year)           100

Tabulate volunteer points for year end awards                     125 

Place sign-up sheets at shows (per show)                                   25 

Stall Reservations (per show)                                                        75 

Hire Judges                                                                                      200 

Newsletter (6 per year)                                                                 200

Newsletter (per each)                                                                      30

Banquet (receive points for the following year)                    200 

Congratulations on a Successful 2018 Show Season!!